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CCDR: Unique Debt Settlement Services in Canada

Debt Settlement is an alternative to traditional services such as bankruptcy, credit counselling and consolidation loans. 

We help you avoid those services by negotiating
settlements with your creditors.

A settlement is where you pay less than what you owe now.

Your Creditors forgive the balance owing.




Debt Settlement Examples at CCDR.CA

How CCDR.CA can help you with your Canadian debt

When New Year comes, every individual puts up a new year’s resolution and the second most popular resolution is about financial in nature. For Canadian consumers who would want to have an improvement of their financial outlook, reducing or managing your Canada debt plays a vital role in the determination of your success. According to studies, 164.6 percent is the average Canadian personal debt to income ratio. This means that per every dollar earn by an average Canadian consumer, they owe $1.64. Also, another study tells us that credit card debt is the third largest source of Canada debt, this is behind student loan debt and mortgage debt. Therefore an average Canadian consumer should have to find better ways and means to keep credit card debt Canada or any type of debt at manageable levels in order to maintain financial stability.

So at this point what should you do in order to maintain financial stability? This is what we at is here for, we can provide you with debt help. We start by evaluating your credit profile and your current debt load and then we identify for debt solutions. We help you calculate how much from your salary or net take home pay would be used to cover for your debt payment each month. You should also ask yourself of how much of your income goes to paying credit card debt, if more than ten percent of your income goes to credit card companies, then you should do something about it. You need to reduce credit card debt Canada to reach your financial goals. There is also a need for you to make a plan that allows you to reduce your debt immediately and safely and without putting your debt at risk. One of the ways of reducing your debt is to apply for debt solutions Canada.

Although there are many debt settlement programs available in the market today that are willing to extend a hand or assistance to people who are in financial mess. If you are using your credit card in every transactions you do, you are more likely to attract or invite the crisis towards you. It has been said that these credit cards are solely responsible for your financial upheaval in the future. If you pass by a window and you liked what is displayed inside it, you would probably get it using your credit card. Most people would love the idea of not paying what you get now. Well, let us remind you that this is something that you will deal with in the future. Now that you are already in debt, you will be pressurized and your condition will further attract legal intervention and nobody wants to be in that situation and this is the reason why we need to find a debt solutions for you.

When this happens, it is best for you to go for an affordable debt settlement Canada firm like that would give you debt help and provide you with necessary debt settlement. is here to provide debt relief Canada and cheaper services compared with the prices or your canadian debt a year ago.

We believe that there is no need to compromise your finances just to live up with the standard of living. If you are facing financial difficulty and you are having a hard time to meet the needs of your debt, then you can opt for as we are legitimate debt solutions Canada firm and we can definitely solve your problem. We are here not only to lend an ear and listen to your financial problems, but we are also here to provide Canadian debt help so you get out of your financial problems as well. Some people will just simply opted to apply for bankruptcy Canada however, the reason behind this action is the ignorance of the people in Canada. When you apply for  bankruptcy Canada, this will completely destroy your credit score and of course your credit history. Bankruptcy will leave you a derogatory record that would indicate in your credit report for seven to ten years of spoiled financial account and you do not want to be in that mess. That means that you cannot apply for a loan for the next ten years even if you really need it therefore there is no good in filing for bankruptcy.

And this makes debt settlement Canada as the best option for debt relief Canada you from your financial mess. The reasonably priced Canada debt settlement of will provide you with great alternative without even spoiling your credit score or credit history to that effect. All you need to do is to give us a call and provide us with all the documents needed  and are related to your credit history and the names of the credit card companies that you have had transactions with. We will be working on your account based on the information you provided in the documents submitted. We will negotiate with your creditors and we will come to a settlement amount which is usually sixty percent of the original Canadian debt. With this, it will give you Canadian debt help and help you pay off the amount and we believe this is one of the best Canada debt settlement for you.

Individual results will vary. Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it provide legal advice or offer credit repair. If you need legal advice, you must consult with a licensed attorney. Your results are highly dependent on successful completion of program and your ability to save funds. Settlement estimates are examples of past performance and are not a guarantee of future settlement results. Results will vary from client to client based on individual circumstances. Please read and understand all contract terms prior to becoming a client of Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc.


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