Effective Date: 01/01/2024

Welcome to the Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. (CCDR™) Refund Policy. At CCDR™, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing tailored debt relief solutions that align with your unique financial circumstances. We aim to offer exceptional service, and this refund policy is designed to clarify our approach to handling refunds in various situations.

Section 1: Non-Refundable Administration Fees:

a. Non-Refundable: It is imperative to understand that the administration fees charged by Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. (CCDR™) are unequivocally **non-refundable** under all circumstances unless a verifiable error occurs on our part. This policy holds, irrespective of whether creditors accept, decline, or counter your debt relief plan.

Section 2: Eligibility for Refunds:

We do, however, consider refunds under specific scenarios:

a. Duplicate Payment: In the event of an inadvertent duplicate payment for administration fees, we request that you promptly notify our dedicated customer support team. Upon verification, we will initiate the refund process for the duplicate payment.

b. Error on Our End: CCDR™ acknowledges that errors can occur. If, during the course of payment processing or account administration, a demonstrable error arises on our part, we commit to diligently reviewing and assessing each case individually. Should it be determined that the error originated from CCDR™, we will grant a refund as deemed appropriate.

Section 3: Debt Relief Program Acceptance and Outcome:

a. CCDR™ operates on the fundamental belief that the information you provide is truthful and accurate at the time of submission. The foundation of our debt relief plans is rooted in the data you supply. We do not engage in any form of manipulation or alteration of the figures to influence specific outcomes. Therefore, it is paramount that you provide true, factual, and current information to your CCDR™ Debt Relief Agent.

Section 4: Requesting a Refund:

To initiate a refund request for duplicate payments or in cases of errors on our part, adhere to the following protocol:

a. Contacting Customer Support: Reach out to our professional customer support team via

T# 888-354-4706 within seven business days of identifying the error.

b. Documentation: Substantiate your refund request with pertinent details and documentation related to the error. This should include payment receipts or comprehensive account statements.

c. Thorough Investigation: CCDR™ pledges to investigate your request thoroughly. If it is conclusively established that the error stems from our operations, we will promptly process the refund.

Section 5: Processing Refunds:

Upon receiving and verifying your refund request, if found valid, CCDR™ commits to processing your refund within seven business days.

Section 6: Refund Method:

Refunds for duplicate payments and errors attributed to CCDR™ will be disbursed via e-transfer to the email address linked to the original payment method. Should you have alternative preferences for refund delivery, kindly inform our customer support team.

Section 7: Contact Us:

Should you have any inquiries or concerns or require clarification regarding our refund policy, please do not hesitate to contact our esteemed Customer Support Team at T# 888-354-4706.

Section 8: Policy Amendments:

Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. (CCDR™) reserves the authority to amend or update this refund policy at our discretion. Any alterations will be promptly disseminated via our official website, and the effective date of the most recent revision will be clearly indicated.

Thank you for entrusting CCDR™ with your debt relief needs. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and transparency throughout your journey to financial recovery.