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With the winter here, now would be a good time to get your home in order for the season. An inevitable part of the winter season means a higher heating bill. This year does not have to break your bank, though – with just a few changes there are many ways that you can reduce your fuel bills signi
There’s no question, a budget is the best way to gain control over your finances and live a life free of financial stress. Here are the simple steps to achieve this: Step 1: Collect your financial information together. This will include every credit card statement, bank statement and your rece
What you don’t know about debt can hurt you…and your credit Financial literacy and education are the biggest areas of opportunity for Canadians when it comes to their debts and managing those debts effectively. Just because you qualify for a line of credit, a loan, or credit card doesn’t mean
If the Bank of Canada raised interest rates tomorrow, I believe that there would be a lot of us in a lot of          T-R-O-U-B-L-E ! ! ! There is this statement from a CBC article by Pete Evans, Senior Writer at : “The Bank (of Canada) deciding to stand pat on the (Key
If you struggle to pay your bills each month, you’ve likely considered taking out one of those payday loans. Don’t. They are micro-loans, typically valued between $100 and $1,500, that many people borrow in order to meet an unexpected obligation or payment. Some even take it out to go the Quee