Frequently Asked Questions

When will an agent reach out to me?

Unless you specified a specific time, an agent would reach out to you usually within 2-4 hours during regular business days of you requesting a call.

Do you service all of Canada?

Yes, all English Speaking Canadians (only because our agents don't speak French ).

How does the application process work?

Once you submit your information for a Private and Secure Free Quote, an agent will reach out via the telephone to discuss your situation and provide the quote. If you like what you hear and decide you would like Canadian Customer Debt Relief to help you, we will assign an account manager. Once all your documents are gathered and the application is complete, you will then meet with a local agent in your area to sign your documents and get the process started. We can have you on the road to debt freedom, usually in less than a week!

Does this program affect my credit?

It will stay on your credit report for up to 3 years once completed. If you cannot make ends meet, great credit will not help you. When you are in debt, your credit is the last thing you should worry about. Often people believe they can get a consolidation loan but are turned down because their debt-to-income ratio is not good. Despite having "great credit." You cannot borrow your way out of debt. Making minimum payments in almost all scenarios takes decades to pay off debt, affecting their health, wealth, and happiness. Not a good way to live. Twenty+ years ago, great credit was hard to come by; rebuilding credit nowadays is easier than ever. There is no reason to remain in debt anymore.

How can you help me?

We could reduce your unsecured debt to a fraction of what you owe and at a 0% interest rate while stopping creditors and collectors from calling and legal action.

Is this a Scam?

No, we are not a Scam. We have been in business for nearly 20 Years, Licensed and A+ BBB Rated. We have helped thousands of Canadians overcome their debt problems using our successful debt help program.

Here is our Direct BBB profile link:

Can you help with my student loans?

Our Professional Debt Relief Partners can work with student loans only if it has been more than 7 Years since your last date of study

What debts can be included?

Our Professional Debt Relief Partners Can include most unsecured debt like Credit cards, loans, lines of credit, overdrafts, old utility bills, tax debt, etc. Debts that cannot be included are Secured debt like mortgages, car loans, legal penalties, child support, student loans less than 7 years from the last date of school. If the security was repossessed or written off in an accident and there was a deficiency balance, that can be dealt with.

I don't know where I owe money to?

If you are unsure about the Who/What/Where of your debts, you will need to pull your credit report. You can get your credit report for free from

If your question is not answered here please reach out and speak to an agent or shoot us a message and we will do our best to get you an answer ASAP.